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Прекрасное далёко

Bài hát “ПРЕКРАСНОЕ ДАЛЁКО - NƠI XA XÔI DIỆU KỲ” được viết cho bộ phim khoa học viễn tưởng dành cho thiếu nhi với tên gọi “Những vị khách đến từ tương lai”. Đó là cuộc gặp gỡ với những người từ ngoài hành tinh trên những đĩa bay, từ những nơi xa xôi ghé thăm trái đất của chúng ta. Bài hát có giai điệu rất hay được nhiều người yêu thích trong thời Liên bang Xô viết, (Nguồn lời giới thiệu: Minhankiev)

Прекрасное далёко 
Nghệ sĩ Евгений Крылатов

ТРИО "МЕРИДИАН"- Прекрасное далёко

Thứ Hai, 12 tháng 11, 2018

Phat's favorites

It has been a very very long time, like almost 10 years, since the last time I wrote a music blog to share it with my friends. Today I happened to have some spare time and also I realized that four of my most favorite Japanese composers could fit well into my so-called four seasons theme so I decided to write this. (All this based on my peep feelings).

Summer: Yoko Shimomura. She is my most favorite one on the list. Just like how a summer should be, in her music I feel passion bursting like a flame, love spreading all around, madness erupting into the air. I have been listening to her music for forever and it drives me crazy still. 
- "Dearly Beloved"
- "Vector to the Heavens" 
-  "Apocalypsis Noctis" (this one is insane) 

Autumn: Nobuo Uematsu. His music is one of the very firsts that came into my life and gave me the taste of music. It is not really true to refer him to autumn regarding his music, because his work varies in genres. However, to me, it is my childhood. It gives me the chill, gives me the beautiful reminiscences of my early life, reminds me of my loved people. But all of that belongs to the pass, to my childhood and it wouldn't come back. At this time, you suddenly realize that autumn has come and the beautiful summer is no more. 
- "Theme of love" 
-  "Ami"

Winter: Ryuichi Sakamoto. I only started listening to his music a couple of months ago, when life turned against me throwing all the terrible things at me. I guess one cant simply listen to his music as a kid, or without being through a lot. It is cold and dark like a blade. It gently and smoothly stabs at your heart without you knowing it. The more you suffer, the more you feel it. 
- "Amore" 
-  "Opus" 

Spring: Joe Hisaishi. Well nothing much to tell because he is so famous. His music is full of colors and will cheer you up and make your day. In my darkest times, I found my salvation and serenity in his masterpieces. 
- "Howl’s Moving Castle Theme" 
- "Kiki’s delivery service"

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Thứ Năm, 1 tháng 2, 2018

Raymond Lefèvre

Muốn nghe một chút gì đó thật dịu dàng, thật ngọt ngào. 😊

Thứ Ba, 2 tháng 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Chúc những người bạn yêu âm nhạc một năm mới felicità. 💕

Thứ Hai, 11 tháng 12, 2017

ЛЮБИМЫЕ ПЕСНИ 90- 80-70х (ЧАСТЬ №1)

01. Филипп Киркоров — Жестокая любовь (00:00) 
02. Алсу — Зимний сон (03:46) 
03. Татьяна Овсиенко - Школьная пора (08:05) 
04. Лицей - Осень (11:43) 
05. Евгений Осин - Плачет девушка в автомате (16:10)